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Matty Lazo-Chadderton was born in Lima, Peru. 

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Matty Lazo-Chadderton
The Church

Her parents were Leonidas Lazo an Officer of the Peruvian Air Force and a Professor, and Matilde Valdivia de Lazo an educator, a community activist, who became the first woman Mayor of Chosica, Peru. Matty grew up in a small town, Chosica with her parents, her maternal grandmother and her four siblings: Mariella, Luz Marķa, Manolo and Juan Lazo, all of them live and work as tourism consultants in Cusco, Peru.  They remain very close and in constant communication in spite of the distance.  “Talking with them and sharing with them give me a unique strength and happiness” said Matty.

Since she was young her parents taught her the value of education, and also the value of every kind of art: fine art, music, theater, and dance.  While she was attending a German Peruvian School Beata Imelda, her teachers taught her the love for national and international art.

Friends and acquaintances call her a global citizen; an international person; traveling across South America and living in Venezuela for more than nine years and in Dominican Republic for four years gave her a unique perspective of the diversity within diversity in the Latin American community. In Caracas, Venezuela, Matty worked as an executive in a transnational company; in Dominican Republic she co-founded and owned a successful art gallery in La Romana town.

“Matty comes from a long line of educators and that is the reason she has made teaching, in some form or fashion of her life’s work “says Mary Wehring from Cary.

Cary is her home, and she lives with her two sons, David a chef, DJ; and with Andrew a UNC Wilmington’s senior and a musician. Matty enjoys walking in the green areas in Cary; love to read books in English and Spanish, dance, and listen to Andrew’s new composition in guitar and base, and try every new David’s culinary creation.

Matty Lazo-Chadderton

La Dama del Jardin Paraiso

Clina Polloni
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Clina lives and paint in Raleigh, NC, but also loves to travel with her canvases, especially Chile, where she was born.

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