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Oil Paintings
by Clina Polloni

Portraying The People
of North Carolina

Portraits of North Carolina People

North Carolina

North Carolina Paintings


Portraits, Raleigh, Cary, Durham, Wake Forest, NC

Children Portraits

Children Paintings, Raleigh, Cary, Durham, Wake Forest, NC

Pet Portraits

Pet Portraits by Clina Polloni, Raleigh, NC


Landscapes Paintings, Raleigh, Cary, Durham, Wake Forest, NC


Seascapes of NC by Clina Polloni


Flower  Paintings by Clina Polloni, NC

Still Life

Still Life Paintings, Vegetables and Fruits of NC

Opera Paintings

Opera Paintings by Clina Polloni

Hispanic Culture

Hispanic Culture Paintings, South  America

Gourds Gourds in NC

Clina Polloni
Colonial Artist of NC

Clina Polloni-Colonial Artist NC


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Oil paintings of North Carolina by Clina Polloni

Oceans, lakes, rivers, windows, sunrise, sunsets and people of NC. Click on the images to view a larger painting.

The North Carolina State Capitol by Clina Polloni

"The North Carolina State Capitol"- 24”x30”
The North Carolina State Capitol, is one of the finest and best-preserved examples of a major civic building in the Greek Revival style of architecture. It is a National Historic Landmark. 

Visit the page where Clina is portraying the people of North Carolina in their environment and activities >>


Aurora in a Silver Ocean, Artist Clina Polloni

 “Aurora in a Silver Ocean”- 24”x30”
The first lights of the morning at Emerald Island, North Carolina.

Oconaluftee River of NC by Clina Polloni

“Orange Reflections in The Oconaluftee River” – 30"x36" 
Oil painting of a sunset of this beautiful river that flows through The Great Smoky Mountains of North Carolina.
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Mingo Falls-NC-Painting by Clina Polloni

"Mingo Falls", on the Cherokee Indian Reservation, North Carolina - 24”x36”
Arguably the most stunning cascade in the region is Mingo Falls called Big Bear Falls in the Cherokee language, cascades two hundred feet.

Red Geraniums in a Stone House NC by Clina Polloni

"Red Geraniums in a Stone House, NC".
Oil painting 16"x20"

Traveling through the beautiful mountains of North Carolina, I was inspired to paint this colonial stone house with the red geraniums in the window.

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Downtown Raleigh NC S

 Downtown Raleigh NC”
Painting downtown Raleigh NC in the night is an inspiration of dancing lights and the hustle and bustle of the city.
Commissioned oil paintings of places and people.

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Blue Waters-Painting by Clina Polloni

“Blue Waters of The Great Smoky Mountains” - 24”x30”
This is the beautiful Oconaluftee River that winds through the Cherokee Valley, NC

Where the Waters Meet, Artist Clina Polloni , NC

Where The Ocean Meet the Cape Fear River”- 18”x24”
The turbulence waters at the end of Bald Head Island.

Visit the Franklinton County Art Council to see this painting.

Sunset in Bald Head Island NC, by Clina Polloni

 “Sunset in Bald Head Island”- 18”x24”
A harmony of purples to oranges is an inspiration, is a vision for any artist to portrait in a canvas.

Instructions and Supply >>

The Lost Colony NC, painting by Clina Polloni

“The Lost Colony”
1587 Eleanor Dare waiting for her father John White.
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Man fishing in North Carolina

Man Fishing in North Carolina”
This is a small painting designed for the painting classes, inspired by the old south. I imagined this man fishing in the shallow waters of a river in this beautiful land.

Instructions and Supply >>

Water Reflections at Falls Lake-S

“Water Reflections at Falls Lake”- 16”x20”
Painting with my friends, in a beautiful spring day, enjoying a delicious picnic and having lots of fun. This lake is in Raleigh, North Carolina.

NC landscape in the 1800s

NC Landscape in the 1800’s Gourd”.
This gourd was inspired by the beautiful landscape and historical towns from the 1800’s in North Carolina.

Instructions and Supply >>

A Child Last Goodbye-Portrait by Clina Polloni

“A Child Last Goodbye”
A portrait of a North Carolina's child.

This oil painting is of my dear friend Phyllis' grandson, the day of the funeral of his grand father. An honored veteran of the United States.
Click here to view larger image >>

A Window to the Past-Mountain Farm Museum NC

“A Window to the Past” - 18”x24”
Historical home located at The Mountain Farm Museum in the Great Smoky Mountains of North Carolina.

Fishing Before The Storm in NC

“Fishing Before The Storm” - 30"x36" 
North Carolina has beautiful lakes and in a lassie day of summer, it is so much fun to go fishing. Suddenly!! the skies will rumble...
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Looking from the Past, Bald Head NC

“Looking from the Past”, An inside window at the Bald Head Lighthouse - 24”x30”
Looking through this window, we can almost feel how the old settlements looked at the future.

The Old Tree of The Lighthouse, Bald Head NC

“The Old Tree of The Lighthouse”- 16”x20”
This is an old tree, standing next to the Bald Head Island Lighthouse, North Carolina.

A Bird in the Lighthouse Window, Bald Head NC

“A Bird in the Lighthouse Window”- 16”x20”
This bird was standing in the window of the Light House at Bald Head Island, North Carolina. Is the last window in the top of the tower.

Fairytales Forest-S

Fairytales Forest
Inspired by a forest of dreams in any place of the world where fairy tales are born. Peaceful clear waters of a new beginning.

The White House

Memories of a White House
This painting was created for the painting classes. I wrote a poem about this old couple living in the middle of the city, surrounded by buildings. My office was in one of these buildings were I could see from my window the old couple.

Click here for supply and instructions >>

Reflections, A Window at the Bald Head Lighthouse, painting

“Reflections”, A Window at the Bald Head Lighthouse - 24”x30”
The texture of the walls of the lighthouse was so interesting after years of restorations.





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Clina Polloni, Artist
  North Carolina
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Clina Polloni lives and paint in Franklinton, NC, but also loves to travel with her canvases, especially Chile, where she was born.

Commissioned oil paintings
If you have a photo of a beautiful place that you had visited, you can commission an oil painting in the dimensions that you need for your home.

Portraits of People of North Carolina

Children Portraits
Pet Portraits

Commissioned oil portraits on canvas in Raleigh, North Carolina. Specializing in children, family, parents, pets, grandparents, weddings, adults and official subjects. Franklinton, Cary, Durham, RTP, Chapel Hill and Wake Forest, NC.

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