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Oil Paintings
by Clina Polloni

Portraying The People
of North Carolina

Portraits of North Carolina People

North Carolina

North Carolina Paintings


Portraits, Raleigh, Cary, Durham, Wake Forest, NC

Children Portraits

Children Paintings, Raleigh, Cary, Durham, Wake Forest, NC

Pet Portraits

Pet Portraits by Clina Polloni, Raleigh, NC


Landscapes Paintings, Raleigh, Cary, Durham, Wake Forest, NC

Plein Air Painting

Plein Air Painting


Seascapes of NC by Clina Polloni


Flower  Paintings by Clina Polloni, NC

Still Life

Still Life Paintings, Vegetables and Fruits of NC

Opera Paintings

Opera Paintings by Clina Polloni

Hispanic Culture

Hispanic Culture Paintings, South  America


Gourds in NC

Quilt Blocks

Quilt Blocks

Clina Polloni
Colonial Artist of NC

Clina Polloni-Colonial Artist NC

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Paintings of Hispanic Culture by Clina Polloni

People, homes and landscapes representing the life and customs of Chile, South America and other Hispanic countries.
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Lago Llanquihue Chile by artist Clina Polloni

“Lago Llanquihue”  - 24”x30”
Located in the South of Chile. Clear blue waters surrounded by rolling green pastures.

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Casa de Paja oil painting by Clina Polloni

“Casa de Paja” - 30”x36”
In the early years of Chile, even in the 1800’s, farmers planted their wheat in the fields and built their houses.
This painting is being exhibited at the Franklin Art Council.

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The Market Girl, painting of Hispanic Girl

 “The Market Girl”

In the Hispanic culture it is a tradition to go to the market, where the local people brings their fresh fruits, vegetables and craft. This girl is showing her flowers and vegetables with her colorful hand netted ponchos.

White Adobe Church, painting classes

“ White Adobe Church”
This painting is an old adobe church in Rabones. Provincia de Linares, Chile.
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Casa de Campo

“Casa de Campo”- 24”x30”
This is a painting of an adobe house in the central region of Chile.

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El Parron-Chile-Painting by Clina Polloni

“El Parron” - 16”x20”
Country homes in Chile have a trellises where the grapes grow and the family gather for a cup of mate.

The Fishermen, Artist Clina Polloni

“The Fishermen”- 24”x36”
Painting of the beautiful fishing town of Constitucion, Chile. Based on a painting that my great-grandfather did in 1913.

Chile in the 1800-Painting by Clina Polloni

“Chile in the 1800’s” - 16”x20”
This painting is from an old painting done by my great grandfather in Santiago Chile. Today, this is a cosmopolitan city.





The Valley of Rabones-Chile-painting by Clina Polloni

“The Valley of Rabones” - 24”x36”
Once I had a farm in the beautiful Valley of Rabones, in the central region of Chile, is called “Region del Maule”.

Isla Orrego Chile, Artist Clina Polloni

“Isla Orrego” - 16”x20”
This island stands in the mouth of the river Maule that flanks the central Chilean town of Constitucion.





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Serving Raleigh, Cary, Durham, Wake Forest, Franklinton and The Triangle Are of North Carolina.

Team Leader of the Artists Guild, Franklin County Art Council and Member of the Wake Forest Guild of Artists. North Carolina.
Clina’s paintings are for sale at the "Little Art Gallery" inside Southern Subs & Gifts, The Renaissance Centre for The Arts in Wake Forest and The Franklin County Art Council, NC.

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Clina Polloni, Artist
  North Carolina
  Still Life
  Hispanic Culture

Clina Polloni lives and paint in Franklinton, NC, but also loves to travel with her canvases, especially Chile, where she was born.

Commissioned oil paintings
If you have a photo of a beautiful place that you had visited, you can commission an oil painting in the dimensions that you need for your home.

Portraits of People of North Carolina

Children Portraits
Pet Portraits

Commissioned oil portraits on canvas in Raleigh, North Carolina. Specializing in children, family, parents, pets, grandparents, weddings, adults and official subjects. Franklinton, Cary, Durham, RTP, Chapel Hill and Wake Forest, NC.

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Painting Classes NC, Raligh, Cary, Durham, Wake Forest
Antonio Polloni Guzmán, artist from Chile, my great-grandfather

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Antonio Polloni Guzmán, Chilean Artist. He was my great-grandfather, my mentor, he inspired my life and the love for the ARTS.”


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